By Alex

Ever said “I’m working, so I can’t pick up the kids from school today”?

Being a solopreneur or running a lean business promises freedom - until it doesn't. You can find yourself short on time and money whilst feeling overwhelmed and lonely.

There's plenty of advice out there, but it's often irrelevant, focusing on creating courses or content, not running your unique business. And the AI advice? Mostly about using prompts for content creation. It's exhausting, and you're not alone in feeling that way.

But here's the truth: You can reclaim your time and boost profit with technology, systems, and timeless business advice. No need to be a tech wizard, and most tools are free or low cost. Sometimes, it's good old business common sense that unlocks potential.

Enter The Leanpreneur. More than a newsletter, it's a decade of lean business experience, blending cutting-edge tech with tried-and-true wisdom, condensed into weekly 5-minute emails. Genuine advice on leveraging tech and AI to achieve more without increasing headcount. It's all about creating leverage in your business and life, from someone on the same path as you.

Say goodbye to irrelevant content and ill-fitting strategies. Welcome clear, actionable advice tailored for people like us.