I'm Alex, a recruitment and technology expert with a deep affinity for the education and training sector. My professional sweetness spot, or Ikigai, lies at the intersection of talent acquisition, technological innovation, education, and entrepreneurship.

I'm passionate about harnessing automation and AI to revolutionise recruitment practices, streamline operations, and unlock human potential. I believe in the power of technology to amplify talent, all while making the recruitment landscape more efficient and equitable.

Over the years, I've founded a recruitment company, Bolt Search, and designed a job board, Boltjobs.com, always keeping technology at the heart of my solutions. Now, I'm excited to bring my specialisation to The Satori Partnership, sharing their commitment to innovative talent management.

Central to all I do is a belief in self-determination. I strive to enable individuals to realise their potential, find their purpose, and shape their careers in meaningful ways. I trust that everyone should have the tools to navigate their career paths confidently and successfully.

In summary, I'm here to challenge, transform, and enrich the recruitment industry, making it an arena that recognises merit, promotes diversity, and most of all, empowers individuals.

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